About BBEN

    We Can Empower the World One Beauty At a Time.

About Brunch Beauty Empowerment Network

The women of Brunch Beauty Empowerment Network are ordinary women doing extraordinary things.  We individually have the desire to serve and help others, collectively we are able to mentor teens, provide educational scholarships, host Back To School Supplies Drives, support each Brunch Beauty's vision and provide toiletries to homeless women.

Our 1st Brunch

On a Sunday afternoon in February 2015, a group of friends planned a brunch outing to catch up on each others lives. We began to observe what was really not strange but enlightening at that moment. People were talking, others were laughing while a few sat in silence at their tables. We began to chat about the people we knew, discussed our workloads, and other common interests. The thought occurred that it would be simply empowering if when we got together we would speak on a particular topic dear to our hearts. Such topics would include how we could improve or do good in our community; how we could share valuable information that would not only help us but young girls and ladies become better and stronger.

Too soon our brunch came to and end and we went our separate ways. Many calls were received during the week and knew we had tapped into something amazing. We scheduled a March Brunch, and our first topic was on budgeting, increasing credit scores, and vision boards. This was an amazing meeting, Brunch Beauty Empowerment Network was born. Moving forward, we have collaborated, volunteered, organized, and planned how we can help make the difference in the lives of young girls and young ladies as we saw ourselves evolving also. Our overall experience and transformation has been the most powerful. The Beauties of BBEN have evolved spiritually, mentally, and financially. This is just the beginning. We can empower the world one Beauty at a time.